Syntron (D)

Elke Postler – performance, dance, slides, voice and
Tom Zunk – composition, keyboard/drums-Integral and voice

DANS is production number 13 of SYNTRON, established 2000.
Duration 22.35 minutes.

Performer and media-artist Elke Postler collaborates with Tom Zunk as SYNTRON. The multimedia performance duo combines a synthesis of Butoh and Grotesque dance with on-body slide and video projections, expressive new music and literature in dreamlike surreal productions.

Like most productions since 2001 DANS is based on anagram poems by Berlin surrealist artist Unica Zürn (1926-1970).

Two of her anagrams (see the profile: are interpreted by movements, the spoken texts and music which is realised by use of the Morse Code to transform the poems letter by letter into musical patterns.

Tom will perform this composition on a Roland S-50 sampling keyboard with a Korg SQD-1 midi recorder, a device for multitracking and editing in real time on stage. The keyboards´ task is on one hand that of a mechanical (self-player) piano and on the other hand it serves as one half of Tom’s technical innovation, the Integral: Tom will play the keys simultaneously with his drum set, right hand on the keys and left on the drums thus achieving an absolutely tight, irresistible and driving rhythm-harmony section.

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