UFO Schiphorst (Schiphorst/in Space)

Idea is to have 12 to 20 musicians on stage willing and able to play an hour of free improvised collective blast to realize the concept. The core of the orchestra will be formed by performers who are willing to derive leading structures from the texts and their Morse code conversions (see below and MORSE CODE CONVERSION blog) and will be the only participants not improvising throughout.


Die klangliche Umsetzung einer offenen Komposition mit Hilfe der Teilnehmer des diesjährigen Festivals: UFO Schiphorst! Improvisation und Orchesterarbeit fliessen live ineinander über, Mitwirkende soweit:

Jean-Hervé Peron - bass guitar, trumpet, voice
Benoît Delaune - bass guitar, violoncello
Geoff Leigh - soprano sax, flute
Uwe Bastiansen - e-guitar
Muck Giovanett - drums
Ronny Waernes - laptop & electronics
Elke Postler - performance, voice
Günter Schickert - echo guitar, trumpet
Tom Zunk - waterphone, drums, keyboard, flute, devices, voice


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