Zoe Skoulding (UK)

Remains of a Future City: If language is the architecture that we live in, this sequence of texts, performed with looped and treated vocals, is a journey through its ruins and echoes. The situationist Ivan Chtcheglov wrote of how each quarter of his imagined city might create a particular state of mind through "an extension of psychoanalysis into architecture." This performance, in turn, explores the ways in which architecture might be extended into poetry, and how the poem might parallel the city’s simultaneous processes of decay, demolition and construction.  

Distorted and repeating voices evoke a city space slipping between the past and the present, between dystopia and fragmented glimpses of a utopia that lives on in the possibility that things could be different. The texts make connections between real and mythical cities,  between a shared European history and the instant global communication of the present.

Influences include Walter Benjamin, Italo Calvino, Alice Notley, Blixa Bargeld, Paul Klee, Rem Koolhaas and Lisa Robertson. The performance does not sound very much like any of these.

A sample of Zoë’s poems can be heard at the beginning of the Faust in Autumn CD boxed set. Her last collection, The Mirror Trade, was published in 2004 and Remains of a Future City is due out in 2008. She is a member of the Parking Non-Stop collective from north Wales.


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